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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Joshua Tree

Anyone in Joshua Tree who has tiles in their home will be aware of how much effort it can take to clean the grout that exists between them. The fact of the matter is that while the DIY approach may be sufficient to get rid of surface-level dirt and stains from floor and wall tiles, for a proper deep-clean that cleans grout correctly, you are going to need to enlist the services of a professional tile and grout cleaning service that you can rely on. When it comes to experienced cleaning companies in the Joshua Tree area, there really is only one number to call.

With a wealth of experience in cleaning internal and external tiles and grout of all shapes and sizes, Aquatech certainly has the skill and expertise to deliver real and lasting results for your residential or commercial property. Taking a holistic approach to cleaning tiles and grout, our team has the ability to carefully enhance the value and visual appearance of any Joshua tree home or business. Why take chances with inferior tile cleaning companies when the number one team in the area are right here and ready for you to use. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our professional team, or to learn more about the wide-ranging cleaning service we offer.

Why Is Grout So Hard to Clean?

While most people in Joshua Tree would agree that cleaning tiles is not the hardest job in the world, cleaning the grout that holds these tiles together is a completely different story. In essence, tile and grout are opposites. While tile is durable, esthetically pleasing and smooth, grout is the exact opposite. So, it stands to reason that while cleaning tiles is generally a job that most Joshua Tree homeowners can do on their own, this is simply not the case when it comes to grout. Because of its generally light and porous composition, grout is prone to staining much more than tiles, or other equivalent household fixtures. In kitchens, grout can be discolored by spills, while in bathrooms it is the mildew from soap and shampoo that are the main offenders.

Advantages of Using a Professional Grout Cleaning Service

At Aquatech, we take what we do very seriously. It is for that reason that will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of grout cleaning perfection. To achieve optimal results for your home or business, our skilled team of cleaners use the following useful products and techniques to achieve the best results possible:

  • For mild grout stains or engrained dirt, we will generally start with plain water and a bristled brush. If scrubbing with these products doesn’t work then we recommend adding some vinegar.
  • For tougher stains, our team will generally use either hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach for the best possible results.
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