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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Twentynine Palms

Carpets can turn a cold, sterile store into one that is warm and welcoming, making it more attractive for potential customers to come in, peruse and ultimately purchase what you have to offer. While a soft colorful rug can transform a bland Twentynine Palms café or restaurant into somewhere far more homely, ensuring that diners leave feeling satisfied both with the food and the setting.

However, the utility of most carpets and rugs doesn't come without a cost and the cost in this regard is most acutely felt when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. Whether it's a spilt glass of red wine, a customer who forgot to wipe his boots before entering or the repeated pattern of hovering, it is understandable that your carpets can become dirty. When this occurs it is vital that you call the Twentynine Palms commercial carpet cleaners you can trust.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are the owner of a small company or the manager in a large multinational, one fact remains the same: a healthy team equals a happy team. Ensuring that your office's carpets are professionally cleaned as regularly as possible not only ensures that your staff's likelihood of caching a cough, or dust related allergies is reduced but it also gives the best possible impression to new or existing clients. Nothing says unprofessional more than a dirty carpet.

Wet Cleaning Vs. Dry Cleaning

At Aquatech Carpet Cleaning, we have been cleaning commercial sized carpets for years. During this time, we have used every type cleaning of technique there is to clean all types of commercial carpets. In general however, we either employ a wet or dry cleaning technique. Each have their merits and it is very much dependant on not only the type of carpet but also the office or business space.

Wet Cleaning:

This is the most widely used of our techniques and involves the application of an initial chemical reagent which liquefies soils, and hard to extract pieces of dirt. From there, boiling water is pressurized and injected into the carpet and the liquid residue is then extracted with a vacuum. This is extremely useful for stubborn stains or soils that won't leave but is more expensive and has a longer drying time.

Dry Cleaning:

A powder mixed with cleaning solvents is spread over the carpet and is then worked into the carpet with a specially fitted machine. The powder absorbs stubborn soils and after fifteen minutes it is vacuumed up. This very simple technique is cheaper and dries faster than the wet cleaning method but it is limited in that it can't clean down deep into the carpet.

Years of Experience

Our skilled team of commercial carpet cleaners has amassed years of experience cleaning commercial sized carpets. This has allows us to hone our skills to such perfection that we can cater for any size or shape of carpet. So whether you are a restaurateur or a baker, call the Twentynine Palms commercial cleaning experts today for a superior service and an unbeatable price.

Commercial office carpet

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